A locally owned, small business
that provides custom signs made out of horseshoes,
metal decor, yard ornaments, and various other metal art.

I am Whitney Carr and I have been a farrier for sixteen years.

About ten years ago I looked at my old horseshoes and thought I should reuse those for something useful. So, I began making custom signs and other horseshoe art. My favorite art to make is custom signs because each sign and letter has a different flare to it making the piece unique. The majority of my work uses upcycled horseshoes. I have a pile of used horseshoes with unique character (wear patterns, knicks, and bends) to the shoe that new horseshoes will never have. I enjoy searching through my stash for the ones that will give the most to the piece in mind.

I grew up in Alaska riding horses and became interested in farrier work. I went to school at Walla Walla Community College where I graduated with an AAA in Farrier Science. I have a BS in Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Science, and a Business Administration minor from Montana State University, graduating in 2012. I have worked as a part-time farrier this whole time while being a mother to a wonderful daughter. In 2019, I decided to begin a Masters Degree in Business Administration from University of Montana, graduating in May 2021.

Glad to meet you!